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Previous studies have reported that blood adipsin levels are substantially increased in obese humans [ 3738 ], but decreased in murine models of obesity [ 39 ]. Lipid and cholesterol metabolism related functional gene ontology terms were specifically enriched among the down-regulated genes in the mesenteric WAT depot across all time-points. RT-qPCR validation. In contrast, plasma adiponectin levels in the HFD group tended to be lower than in the ND group for the overall feeding period and were significantly lower at week 20 and HFD: high-fat diet. Whereas, the epididymal WAT depot of the ND group revealed a normal fat-pad, with densely packed and very thin collagen sheets surrounding each adipocyte at week 24 Figure 2 B. Am J Pathol. Functional annotation terms were clustered according to biological processes. Therefore, the aim of this study was to establish the time-course of changes in adipocyte morphology, adipokines and the global transcriptional landscape in visceral WAT during the development of diet-induced obesity. Sumiyoshi M, Sakanaka M, Kimura Y: Chronic intake of high-fat and high-sucrose diets differentially affects glucose intolerance in mice.

  • Eun-Young Kwon; Su-Kyung Shin; Yun-Young Cho; Un Ju Jung; Eunjung Kim Jung Han Yoon Park; Jong Won Yun; Robin A McGregor; Yong Bok Park Kleemann R, van Erk M, Verschuren L, van den Hoek AM, Koek M.

    Capt Choy Yoon Choon · Chan Poo Ping Dr Seah Yun Zhen, Victor (Alias Dr Seah Lim Soon, Victor). Lioh Chin Bok . Tan Ah Kok @ Tan Ah Koek. OK, bok · pok · mok · fok · dok · tok · kok · ngok · lok · gok · gwok · kok · kwok OEK, boek · poek · moek · foek · doek · toek · koek · ngoek · loek · goek YUN, byun · pyun · myun · fyun · dyun · tyun · nyun · ngyun · lyun · gyun.
    Obes Rev.

    PLoS One. The time-course of changes in plasma adipokine levels in response to HFD is shown in Figure 3. Irf5 is generally involved downstream of the TLR—MyD88 signalling pathway for induction of pro-inflammatory cytokines, and Irf5 is a potential target of therapeutic interventions to control harmful immune responses [ 44 ].

    Abstract Background Visceral white adipose tissue WAT hypertrophy, adipokine production, inflammation and fibrosis are strongly associated with obesity, but the time-course of these changes in-vivo are not fully understood.

    images yun bok koek

    images yun bok koek
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    Several matrix metalloproteases Mmp showed time-dependent transcriptional alterations in response to HFD.

    Therefore, the genes identified in the present study as differentially expressed during the development of diet-induced induced obesity will reflect overall changes in visceral adipose tissue depots rather than specific cell-types. Lin et al.

    Excessive adipose tissue expansion in obesity is associated with adipokine dysregulation, inflammation, ECM remodeling and fibrosis particulary in visceral adipose depots. Contact us Submission enquiries: Access here and click Contact Us General enquiries: info biomedcentral. Adipsin, a serine protease is synthesized and secreted by adipose cells and is found in the bloodstream [ 36 ].

    Wong, C.

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    P. Y.; Koek, T.

    images yun bok koek

    J. H.; Liu, Y.

    images yun bok koek

    P.; Loh, K. P.; Goh, K. E. J.; Chao- Shen Hong, Ling-Zhi Jin, Meng-Na Yu, He Zhang, Zhi-Yun. Lim Hsiu Yun, Betty. Neo Bick Yin.

    Sinnathamby. Ho Tat Kin. Lee Choon Bok *. Minjoot Gerald Maximillian Lee Koek Yong. Leong Yop Pooi.

    Lim Hock Seng. De Kruijff, Yun, IHCL, Junior C. De Lang, Kimberley, SCT De Bok, Christiaan, IJVL. de Boo, Jenning, TRL . Koek, Ires, IHCL.

    Koek, Rudy, IJVZ, Senior.
    Full size image. Eur J Clin Invest. The lack of any early changes in plasma adiponectin and visceral adipose tissue adiponectin mRNA levels in HFD fed mice may be part of an adaptive response to protect against early inflammatory changes. Miyake K: Roles for accessory molecules in microbial recognition by Toll-like receptors.

    The current study protocol was approved by the Ethics Committee for animal studies at Kyungpook National University, Republic of Korea. Nat Protoc. In the current study, plasma adipsin levels were significantly higher in the HFD group compared to ND group from the week 2 to

    images yun bok koek
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    RT-qPCR validation. Correspondence to Myung-Sook Choi. We show adipose tissue expansion occurs in multiple visceral WAT depots early during the development of diet-induced obesity.

    Conclusions The present findings indicate excessive fat accumulation occurs in visceral WAT depots epidydimal, perirenal, retroperitoneum, mesentery early in response to HFD feeding.

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    1. However, in another experiment of ours that used commercial high fat diet with higher fat content and different fat composition Research diets, Product No.

    2. Time-course microarrays revealed early and sustained activation of the immune transcriptome in epididymal and mesenteric depots. Obesity Silver Spring.