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Topher makes contact with Ali, an Afghani man who once saved his life. Meanwhile, when Topher takes a turn for the worse, Scott fights to save him, and Ragosa reveals to Landry that his vision problems are caused by a tumor behind his eye. Thanks Obama. Retrieved September 12, They are forced to think on their feet when the fog delays helicopter rescue. Meanwhile, Topher's wife Kristy Wu goes into labor during the storm, Drew receives good news from Rick, and Scott decides to take Ragosa up on his offer of a permanent position at the hospital. Later, Drew's boyfriend comes to the hospital to treat his ankle he sprained trying to change a light bulb and complains of pain in his prosthetic leg.

  • ‘The Night Shift’ Cancelled at NBC — No Season 5 TVLine
  • The Night Shift

  • The Night Shift is an American medical drama series that ran from May 27,to August 31,for four seasons and 45 episodes, on NBC. The series was.

    TV | 42min | Drama, Romance | TV Series (–) A group of doctors from the Army return to work the night shift at a hospital in San Antonio. How many episodes of The Night Shift have you seen?.

    images the night shift

    After returning from a dangerous tour of duty, an Army doctor finds that working the night shift at a San Antonio hospital can be treacherous, too. Starring:Eoin.
    Michael Ragosa. Retrieved May 22, November 7, Jordan Alexander, TC's one-time girlfriend, has just been promoted to shift leader.

    ‘The Night Shift’ Cancelled at NBC — No Season 5 TVLine

    When a hospital director confronts Ragosa about the expensive field procedure, Ragosa angrily resigns. After Drew scolds him for repeatedly missing important patient information by not reading charts, he decides to pull a prank on Ragosa that will teach him a lesson, but learns something he never knew.

    images the night shift
    Jordan is initially in a relationship with Dr.

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    News reports reveal there is a second sniper, who is eventually revealed to be Ragosa's patient. November 2, Sanford Bookstaver.

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    Landry de la Cruz Robert Bailey Jr.

    The medical drama The Night Shift follows the caregivers of San Antonio Memorial and stars Eoin Macken, Jill Flint, Scott Wolf and more. An ensemble medical show about a group of ex-Army doctors who work the night shift at a hospital and do whatever it takes to help their patients. Sadly, that's exactly what happened with army vet medical drama The Night Shift, which became the latest casualty of televisual culling at the.
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    Albuquerque Journal. In the end, Paul's hand becomes infected, Topher and TC return to base with Ali, and while talking to Scott, Jordan has a stroke and goes into a coma.

    The shift begins with Jordan announcing that Ragosa passed his exams and is now a doctor. NBC programming current and upcoming.

    images the night shift

    images the night shift
    The night shift
    The producers stated that they would not take on the Ebola outbreak as a subject in the second season because they didn't "know where that's going to go;" instead they are going to focus on odd and crazy stories in the headlines.

    One of the hospital's own, Scott, is involved in a serious multiple car accident.

    Meanwhile, TC's and Jordan's relationship quickly escalates, Topher makes his job as Head of Night Shift permanent, Krista, Kenny and a new surgeon become embroiled in a love triangle, and Drew spirals when his boyfriend ends their relationship. List of The Night Shift episodes. When they arrive at work together, Scott has questions for Jordan.

    NBC has cancelled the summer medical drama "The Night Shift" after four seasons, TVLine has learned.

    The modest summer drama, from Sony Pictures TV Studios, had been a scripted island in the network's reality-focused off-months.
    TC offers his support, but Landry - knowing he and Jordan have unresolved feelings - puts an end to their casual relationship. After a cancer scare, Ragosa finds that he can no longer tolerate the stresses of his administrator job, and he quits that position in order to pursue his original dream of becoming a doctor.

    The Night Shift was renewed for a second season on July 1,and when Gabe Sachs received the call, he described it as "the greatest moment ever, amazing. List of The Night Shift episodes.

    The Night Shift

    Namespaces Article Talk. It garnered a 1. Retrieved February 24,

    images the night shift
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    June 21, Rotten Tomatoes.

    Landry de la Cruz, briefly works on the night shift. Retrieved March 25, As the sniper continues to terrorize San Antonio, Jordan has fallen comatose since a stroke.

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    1. Landry de la Cruz, the lone psychiatrist working the night shift. It was written to air earlier in the season.

    2. Paul and Krista treat a teenage girl who took a dangerous amount of growth hormones to perform better at volleyball.

    3. The father finally relents and lets Scott operate, but Scott has to pass a tox screen first.

    4. Also, the team is called to a campsite where a child has fallen down a well, and his mother, who went down after him, may not be as okay as she first seems.