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The main armament of the HS is a 20mm HS autocannon placed in a one man turret. Up to 5 infantry can be carried in the troop compartment. This also carried a shielded 7. Indeed, the infantry occupants of the HS. The chassis was suspended atop a torsion bar system for improved cross-country travel while the running gear included five double-tired road wheels to a hull side with three track return rollers, a rear-set drive sprocket and forward-mounted track idler - the vehicle used a conventional "track-over-wheel" arrangement.

  • SPz lg HS30 (Bw)
  • Schützenpanzer ExWest German Army. Fort Paull, Batte… Flickr

  • Because of a short development period, teething issues dominated the reputation of the SPz in its early years. This page details the development and operational history of the Schutzenpanzer SPz (SPz Lang / Lang HS) Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) / Infantry.

    As the West German Bundeswehr began to rebuild, one priority was an infantry fighting vehicle. The Schutzenpanzer (Spz
    The steel armor is up to 30mm thick and protects the crew from small arms fire and shell splinters.

    SPz lg HS30 (Bw)

    The Type is a tank destroyer based on the HS chassis. Infantry fighting vehicle. The reliability issues and the initial order for 10, vehicles far above the needs of the Bundeswehr led to investigative reporting by the Frankfurter Rundschau and Deutsches Panorama a news magazine that was published in Germany during The scandal resulted in a parliamentary committee of inquiry into the affair inwith the scandal being known in Germany as the HS Skandal.

    Finally, some SPz 's were used as armored targets on gunnery ranges.

    Schützenpanzer ExWest German Army. Fort Paull, Batte… Flickr

    images schutzenpanzer 12 3
    As with most vehicles of such a class, the HS.

    Its design proved to have many flaws and drawbacks, and the construction was followed by a great political scandal in West Germany in the s.

    images schutzenpanzer 12 3

    These investigations revealed that key personnel associated with the procurement of the SPz had accepted bribes as high as 2. This initiative produced the "Schutzenpanzer Lang HS.

    The role of the mm autocannon in German doctrine was to engage helicopters, antitank weapons, and light armored vehicles, thus freeing tanks to concentrate their fire against other tanks. It was armed with a mm cannon, which was an unusually powerful weapon for an armoured personnel carrier of the period.

    Armored personnel carrier; ORIGIN Germany; NICKNAMES Schützenpanzer 3 (German military designation); DESIGNED 's; DESIGNER Hispano-Suiza.

    Schützenpanzer Lang The new German army formed inhas asked the swiss factory of Hispano-Suiza on the redevelopment of the offered light. Schutzenpanzer 12 3.

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    images schutzenpanzer 12 3

    Up to 5 infantry can be carried in the troop compartment. Some 2, HS. As West Germany settled into its new European role, its defense industry began the long road to recovery.

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    The German military came to this decision as a result of its World War II experience with Panzergrenadiere armored infantry. Additionally, the motor could only be accessed from underneath the vehicle which meant the vehicle had to be brought to an area with maintenance pits in order for engine work to take place.

    images schutzenpanzer 12 3
    The early Type carried and 81mm mortar and was later refitted with the mm Brandt smoothbore mortar and designated the Type Schutzenpanzer Lang HS.

    Some SPz have been fitted with a pintle mounted mm M40A1 recoilless rifle as a fire support vehicle. M USA. The SPz first entered service with the Panzergrenadier battalions in [2] and was replaced by the Marder infantry fighting vehicle from

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