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Hot Network Questions. Marionette views provide a templateContext attribute that is used to add extra information to your templates. Backbone routes are now able to load empty URL fragments. Your render function could even munge together an HTML string, or use document. Change Log.

  • 6. How to use templates in backbone js – Learning Backbone js
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  • Your code is correct, but you're missing a couple of parens in your initialize body: initialize: function () { (); // it was ; before }.

    6. How to use templates in backbone js – Learning Backbone js

    Backbone remains unopinionated about the process used to render View objects It could be as prosaic as a simple Underscore template, or as fancy as the. ({ tagName: 'li', initialize: function(){ (); }, render: Backbone js has a feature that you can define a template using.
    Foursquare is a fun little startup that helps you meet up with friends, discover new places, and save money. Sign up to join this community. When working on a web application that involves a lot of JavaScript, one of the first things you learn is to stop tying your data to the DOM.

    Rendering Views in Isn’t Always Simple by Ian Storm Taylor

    If your CollectionView has a template it is advised to either use an empty model or override the serializeData method. New Rdio was developed from the ground up with a component based framework based on Backbone.

    images render template backbone
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    Return false from execute to cancel the current transition.

    Models should be generally unaware of views.

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    If an events hash is not passed directly, uses this. Catalog of Events Here's the complete list of built-in Backbone events, with arguments. If you've worked on an app that uses Backbone, please add it to the wiki page of Backbone apps.

    rendering template html via backbone view Stack Overflow

    Conversely, the Router detects changes to the URL — say, pressing the "Back" button — and can tell your application exactly where you are now. A comparator can be defined as a sortBy pass a function that takes a single argumentas a sort pass a comparator function that expects two argumentsor as a string indicating the attribute to sort by.

    Nick Salloum reacquaints you withdemonstrating the The render function, which renders the view template from model data.

    () Example for beginners and professionals with that renders the view template from model data and updates this with new HTML. A view's render() method can be bound to a model's change() event, enabling ({ tagName: 'span', todoTpl: te('Example.
    If you're new here, and aren't yet quite sure what Backbone is for, start by browsing the list of Backbone-based projects.

    Views Explained

    A counterpart to undelegateEvents is available as undelegate. History was modified to support the HTML5 history.

    images render template backbone

    You shouldn't ever have to create one of these yourself since Backbone. If you're strict about not allowing views to reach outside of themselves, it helps keep your interface flexible — allowing views to be rendered in isolation in any place where they might be needed.

    Instead, views listen to the model "change" events, and react or re-render themselves appropriately.

    images render template backbone

    images render template backbone
    Note that a collection with a comparator will sort itself automatically whenever a model is added. The result?

    images render template backbone

    The function is passed the raw response object, and should return the attributes hash to be set on the model. Note that adding the same model a model with the same id to a collection more than once is a no-op. SeatGeek 's stadium ticket maps were originally developed with Prototype.

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    1. History was modified to support the HTML5 history. Equivalent to calling map and returning a single attribute from the iterator.

    2. Using a Custom Renderer You can set the renderer for a view class by using the class method setRenderer. User profiles and goal setting are implemented with Backbone, jQuery and Handlebarsand most new feature work is being pushed to the client side, greatly increasing the quality of the API.

    3. You can override this logic and provide serialization of other data with the serializeData method.

    4. With Backbone as a foundation, the web interface was rewritten from scratch so that all page content can be loaded dynamically with smooth transitions as you navigate. One more tip for integrating Rails versions prior to 3.

    5. Philosophically, Backbone is an attempt to discover the minimal set of data-structuring models and collections and user interface views and URLs primitives that are generally useful when building web applications with JavaScript.