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Reduced plaque formation by the chloromethyl analogue of victamine C. Quigley and Hein 17 Q. The results showed that both groups after toothbrushing presented statistically significant reductions in plaque, with no differences between them from 3. Twenty-four systemically healthy students of both genders with mean age of Indian J Dent Res ; The expected effect on oral health of dental plaque control through mechanical removal. Caries Res ;

  • Supragingival plaque removal with and without dentifrice a randomized controlled clinical trial

  • Efeito de uma única sessão de controle de placa supragengival nos Supragingival plaque control is a requisite for the success of any periodontal procedure.

    Após 72 h de cessação de higiene bucal, o índice de placa de Quigley & Hein This way, within the available arsenal for controlling supragingival plaque.

    Supragingival plaque removal with and without dentifrice a randomized controlled clinical trial

    PDF | On Jan 1,João Carnio and others published Supragingival plaque control. What does Echeverria JJ, Sanz M. Controle Mecânico da Placa Supra.
    Dentifrices have also been used as plaque removal aids, especially because of their abrasive agents However, Almajed 15 found different results after comparing brushing using two types of brush with and without use of dentifrice.

    images placa supragingival pdf

    Means and standard deviation of the Q. On the other hand, Eid and Talic 16 compared toothbrushing with dentifrice and with water and found that the former was more efficient in removing dental plaque.

    In addition, the children themselves brushed their teeth, which is not recommended at this age.

    images placa supragingival pdf
    It may be concluded that the use of a conventional dentifrice during toothbrushing does not seem to enhance plaque removal capacity.

    Sorbitol, aqua, sodium lauryl sulfate, aroma, cellulose gum, sodium fluoride 0.

    images placa supragingival pdf

    Accordingly, it improves the assessment sensitivity for attempting to achieve a more precise result about the remaining plaque. Odontostomatol Trop ; How to cite this article.

    PDF | The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy of dental foi comparar a eficácia de remoção mecânica da placa dental através da.

    Medición de Cambios Cuantitativos de la Microbiota Subgingival Posterior a la Remoción de Placa Bacteriana SupragingivalMeasurement of Quantitative. periodontite crônica após controle de placa supragengival.

    images placa supragingival pdf

    Ana Chapper* After supragingival plaque control, twenty patients were examined by a blinded and.
    Tooth brushing and oral health: how frequently and when should tooth brushing be performed? How to cite this article. Important methodological aspects such, as sample size calculation and examiner calibration, were not used in that study.

    Dependent Variable The outcome of this study was evaluated in terms of presence of dental plaque. All participants were right-handed. Unfortunately, these results have not been conclusive due to a reduced experimental setting.

    images placa supragingival pdf
    The level of significance was set at 0.

    Dental plaque has been defined as a complex community of bacterial species that is constantly formed over dental surfaces.

    Additionally, dentifrices are associated to sense of a pleasant flavor and coolness after usage. Modern supragingival plaque control.

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    Moreover, this is an efficacy study in which only one toothbrushing cycle was performed, and doe not allow drawing conclusions that would include continuous use of dentifrice.

    The results of present study reinforces the important effect of toothbrush alone in removing dental plaque.

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    Analysis of the Results.

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    1. Possibly, a clinical inference would be that when giving oral hygiene instructions to their patients, dentists could avoid using dentifrice in order to reinforcethe message that the cleaning capacity of toothbrushing is not enhanced by the use of dentifrice. Also, the visualization of the oral hygiene procedure could make instruction and re-instruction easier.

    2. The plaque removal effects of single rinsings and brushings. The experimental design used in this study randomized controlled clinical trial was chosen because it is the most adequate for such comparisons.