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This is the platform where you can visualize the strength of Digital India. Read more. I am on my way to really have results from grievances with fifteen issues, ten closed and five in process, solved issues are:. Hopefully this was done. I raised 3 complaints and all were closed without a call or visit. The complaint was raised on Apr and the twist happens on 2-May. Finally one fine day after some 25 days I received a call from Reliance saying they have received my complaint through DOT and the refund cheque will be mailed to me in next 2 business days. One more story. Well, transparency or not, this portal is a definite welcome relief for us. About time you do GTO, thanks for this thread which I just chanced upon a couple of days ago.

  • Status of Public Grievances Prime Minister of India

  • PG Officer Login. One platform Tracking grievances is also facilitated on this portal through the system generated unique registration number. Issues which are.

    Video: Pg portal review How to Register & then lodge your Complaint with Indian Government?

    Fields marked with * are mandatory. Registration number. Grievance password.

    #--OR Email id/Mobile number. Security Code. Captcha. submit.

    Status of Public Grievances Prime Minister of India

    Content. My query has gone to many departments for reviews and finally resolved.

    images pg portal review

    Is a public grievance filed on taken.
    What is your view of the public grievance mechanism by the government of India? Success story or not, I'll let you decide.

    Similar Threads. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. Saw this thread and made a complaint at pgportal. We Indians can be scared easily and pacified more easily.

    images pg portal review
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    End cloud security anxiety. But definitely, things will improve. Remember Me? I couldn't take that from a government employee whose primary job is to service customer requests.

    But, in pgportal they cannot. My broadband connection had problems for the last 3 months,in November they identified it as a cable fault and assured to get it rectified.

    images pg portal review

    How do I show my public grievances to the Government in India?

    Technically speaking, this was supposed to be for all Central Government departments, Ministries, Authorities, and more, as well as for the. Originally Posted by Mohan Mathew A your thought is quite natural. a couple of days back i was reading about BMC leaking info about activists. The petitioner can track the status of his/her grievance through internet at https:// after entering the registration number of his.
    Updated Feb 17, But definitely, things will improve.

    Is it true that my ISP is spying on my web browsing? Help with central gov pay-band to inhand salary conversion. Lack of enactment of rural management 5.

    images pg portal review
    Mano svajone mamontovas kanjonai
    Many bureaucrats can escape from RTI by mentioning some clause or the other.

    About time you do Thanks to pgportal.

    They took nearly one month to disconnect the service and still I had one month's payment credit with them. Bundelkhand Milk Union from About time you do Quote: Originally Posted by comfortablynumb Like the lazy bum that I am, I am going to copy your complaint as it is for registering a grievance and replace broadband with "BSNL landline". The grievances are being closely monitored by the secretaries of the concerned ministry.

    you may lodge your grievance on the website The grievances are reviewed in the Ministry at highest level of.

    through as well as by post or by hand in person, from the Department periodically reviews the status of redressal of public grievances. Public Grievances Redressal is one of the flagship initiatives for the reformation in governance about a month-and-a-half ago, he had sent all details of the case to “”, the official web portal for public grievances redressal.
    User Name. This is the exact the line he told me, the other day.

    Option 2 - Stick to my ground that it was not his birth right to demand bribe and it is not my duty to cover up his earlier goof ups. Repeated complaints were not doing the trick so I took brother moralfibre's advice and complained on pgportal. My grievance is linked here. About time you do Quote: Originally Posted by comfortablynumb Like the lazy bum that I am, I am going to copy your complaint as it is for registering a grievance and replace broadband with "BSNL landline".

    images pg portal review
    Pg portal review
    Originally Posted by Mohan Mathew A.

    images pg portal review

    I know it is illegal for them to be asking us to pay this charge - it is not something that the government makes them pay! Hopefully this was done.

    Update Cancel. Would like to hear from our BHPians on the course of action.

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