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The higher the multiplier, the higher the proportion of abortions that is either uncomplicated or with untreated complications [ 21 ]. Generally, household ownership of any type of net was highest among the wealthiest quintile In countries where abortion is legally restricted and stigmatized, the approach to estimating abortion incidence must often be indirect. Household survey indicators for malaria control. The methodology involves estimating the number of induced abortion complications treated in facilities, and using expert opinions to estimate, for each complication that reaches a facility, how many induced abortions are occurring without complications or with untreated complications. Table 2.

  • Incidence of Induced Abortion and PostAbortion Care in Tanzania


    Trop Med Int Health. Oct;18(10) doi: /tmi malaria rapid diagnostic tests on health facility treatment in three regions of Tanzania. 1.

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    Trop Med Int Health. Sep;18(9) doi: /tmi of Medicine, Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College, Moshi, Tanzania.

    images medint tanzania 2013

    Post priorities for Tanzania should focus on the unmet need for Trends in maternal mortality: to . Trop Med Int Health.
    Cochrane Database Syst Rev. Global causes of maternal death: a WHO systematic analysis.

    Ninety-seven percent of nets were square in shape while 3.

    A comparison of the efficacy of insecticide-treated and untreated bed nets in preventing malaria in Gambian children. This was done to account for the highest level of clustering village to give the correct standard errors even if the lower levels of clustering household were not explicitly modelled [ 39 ].

    images medint tanzania 2013
    Medint tanzania 2013
    The wide variations by zone in the estimates of abortion incidence, complications and treatment reflect differences in access to health services, as well as demographic and cultural differences.

    Acceptance of contraceptives among women who had an unsafe abortion in Dar es Salaam. But not all induced abortions will result in treated complications.

    Purchasing their own nets, however, allowed households to exercise choice regarding treatment status, material and size of net.

    Am J Trop Med Hyg. Both measures varied significantly by district.

    Trends in maternal mortality: to Trop Med Int Health. reduction of maternal, newborn and child deaths in Tanzania – Results In Tanzania, women obtained just over induced abortions infor a national rate Fieldwork was conducted from July to September .

    Trop Med Int Health Jul;5(7)– pmid The Government of Tanzania is the main source of long-lasting insecticidal nets ( LLINs) for its population. Inless than a quarter of the households had one LLIN for every two people and only Trop Med Int Health.
    Trial of pyrethroid impregnated bed-nets in an area of Tanzania holoendemic for malaria.

    Effects of prevalence of malaria parasitemia and fever. Mass distribution campaigns are the primary source of LLINs in most malaria endemic countries and aim to ensure equitable distribution across all socio-economic groups [ 1101112 ].

    Respondents were asked whether their facilities provide treatment for abortion complications from both spontaneous and induced abortionand if so, to estimate the number of PAC patients treated as outpatients and inpatients, in an average month and the past month.

    Ten villages in each district were selected for inclusion except for Kinondoni district where only six villages were available. Who in the household uses them?

    Incidence of Induced Abortion and PostAbortion Care in Tanzania

    Stud Fam Plann Dec;41 4 —

    images medint tanzania 2013
    Medint tanzania 2013
    In Tanzania, no nationally representative studies have been conducted to determine the incidence of abortion.

    A total of nets were collected from households from 76 villages across eight districts in Tanzania [ 40 ]. Of the eight districts, two Kinondoni and Iringa were urban while the other six were rural.

    Conclusions The abortion rate is similar to that of other countries in the region.

    images medint tanzania 2013

    This indicates willingness to purchase affordable nets for continued protection against mosquitoes in the absence of free net distributions. Accessed 27 Nov

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    1. However, not all spontaneous abortions requiring care will actually be treated in facilities for a number of reasons, including lack of access or a preference to seek treatment from untrained providers. Trop Med Int Health Jul;5 7 —

    2. Global and regional estimates of abortion incidence indicate that abortions are no less common, and much more likely to be unsafe, in settings with restrictive laws than in settings with liberal laws [ 5 ].

    3. These surveys were complemented with population and fertility data to obtain abortion numbers, rates and ratios, using the Abortion Incidence Complications Methodology.