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Reread June You may want to date her, but then you'd want to kill her. But I think i read someone where for a while it might have been an open relationship? And Lula is my favorite character, at least whenever she appears more prominently in a book. I'm ready for the love triangle to be laid to rest.

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  • To ask other readers questions about Explosive Eighteen, please sign up. Popular Spoilers! I really thought we'd have some romantic resolution in this book.

    Another Look Book Reviews Explosive Eighteen by Janet Evanovich

    10 discussion posts. Zoe said: This book is in the Most Read This Week section in M/M Romance genre. I'm just curious, is there really any M/M in this. Explosive Eighteen Janet Evanovich Random House Incp I'm about to ***SPOILER*** the mother-loving heck out of this book.
    You should be a lot better bounty hunter by now.

    Explosive Eighteen (Stephanie Plum, 18) by Janet Evanovich

    You don't like guns. Morelli, on the other hand, is everything a woman could want in a husband, and Stephanie needs to wake up!

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    Jan 15, carol. I love Janet.

    images explosive eighteen spoilers
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    Remember back in the day of the early awesome plum books, where Stephanie felt BAD for kissing Ranger when she was dating Morelli?

    Ramblings of a Daydreamer Book Review Explosive Eighteen by Janet Evanovich

    Oooh, someone died. Reread June It's done. Basically, you've got a woman everyone finds something they love about, but also a few annoying habits. This book was better than the 15, 16 and 17, but it really hasn't been the same since January 13, at am.

    While the books got repetitive for awhile, Explosive Eighteen was a I'll spare you the spoilers but I highly recommend reading it to find out.

    Explosive Eighteen by Janet Evanovich. I know, I'm bad because I read spoilers, but I will read the rest of the books in the series even if.

    Explosive Eighteen – Janet Evanovich All The Books I Can Read

    The seventeenth book and Explosive Eighteen were both really great. My review of the 18th Stephanie Plum series does contain spoilers.
    Edited to add: Just read some of the other reviews on here. Her flight back from Hawaii has barely landed when it turns out that there are faux FBI guys stalking her, convinced she has something that they need. For the whole series Stephanie and Lula have bungled along. I am getting off the crazy train. Why, that's free, not even a rental.

    I still like the books, but they aren't magical or anything.

    images explosive eighteen spoilers
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    Even Joe seemed very one-dimensional. No change, no growth, no romance. Refusing to answer, Stephanie turns to her files to distract her: a credit card fraudster, an armed robber, an overweight purse snatcher and….

    I always picture Gabourey Sidibe playing her Go back to 1 and give it a shot.

    images explosive eighteen spoilers

    However, last time I was there I found this little number by Evanovich. Things gets exciting and dare I say it, funny.

    "Stephanie comes of age in EXPLOSIVE EIGHTEEN.

    It's not a spoiler to say that only one car, belonging to Stephanie's nemesis, Joyce. Book Review: Explosive Eighteen by Janet Evanovich. Explosive Series: Stephanie Plum, Book #18 Warning: may include spoilers.

    A quick and fun review for EXPLOSIVE EIGHTEEN by Janet Evanovich. All status updates are spoiler-free (no specific plot points will be.
    Can you picture this tiger drying dishes or taking out the garbage? I swear, Rex the Hamster has better honed survival instincts than Stephanie. But No. Absolutely nothing. I laughed twice reading Explosive Eighteen.

    Explosive Eighteen A Stephanie Plum Novel Teenreads

    Even when. Nov 26, Mrs.

    images explosive eighteen spoilers
    Heh, I said coming.

    I'd also love to see Stephanie get better at her job - going to the firing range, taking a self defense class- something!

    images explosive eighteen spoilers

    Stereotypes that border on the ludicrous. Well, it seems Stephanie has inhaled too many donuts, smoke fumes--from her cars always catching fire, and hair spray, because after she slept with Ranger and Morelli on back to back nights in 17, cementing her in my hoochie hall of fame; She is now sleeping with both men regularly in Stephanie returns home from her trip to Hawaii.

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    1. This round I could honestly couldn't care about the crime and mystery, and I was really interested on the character relationship front with Ranger and Morelli. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.