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The judge may simply be obliged to consider the former decision as part of the material on which his present decision could be based, or he may be obliged to decide the case before him in the same way as that in which a previous case was decide unless he can find a good reason for not doing so. Police constable: You were going in excess of 60, and this is a 30 zone. You will not have cancelled the contract. They would like to file the writ of execution. They have been getting through a bar examination since 5 oclock.

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    images consemnat traducere engleza-romana

    română traducere: consemnat. Introdusă de Traduceri din engleză în română [ PRO] Law/Patents mi se pare cea mai buna varianta, fiind in domeniul legal. Traduceri principale. Română, Engleză.

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    consecutiv Engleză, Română (in a row, successive), consecutiv adj. The next in sequential order after is
    On the civil side of that court the position is much more restricted. Man in car: I think youre mistaken, constable. TV newsreader: A journalist working in the city disappeared this morning.

    images consemnat traducere engleza-romana

    Brockhaus AG. A legal remedy against wrongful imprisonment.

    images consemnat traducere engleza-romana
    The unfair treatment of someone because of their colour, class, religion, language, etc noun Done at random, without reason adjective Capable of committing a crime.

    In the last mentioned situation the precedent is said to be binding as contrasted with the merely persuasive effect of the other two situations.

    a consemna English translation RomanianEnglish dictionary

    Cristina Luntraru. Willard, Ohio: R. Zoo Berlin.

    Translation by Babylon is a free online version of Babylon's translation software. Translate English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and more. Reverso Context oferă traducere în context din engleză în română pentru Dar la tine pe foaie se va consemna, când se va dovedi a fi un ratat, zero barat.

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    Interrogative Have I made a Am depus adineaori? Lets just pretend this didnt happen, eh?

    They will have cancelled the contract. EPEMag Online.

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    Will you have been carrying on the process.

    images consemnat traducere engleza-romana
    Consemnat traducere engleza-romana
    First Form: I shall sue him for the damage which his breach of contract causes.

    They assert their right to speak freely. We hold in custody the drunken driver. Customer: What?

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    The original American Constitution makes the necessary provisions to ensure freedom of speech.

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    1. There are two main types of magistrates: stipendiary magistrates qualified lawyers who usually sit alone ; lay magistrates unqualified, who sit as a bench of three and can only sit if there is a justices clerk present to advise them.