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Author: CakesCottage. My husband hates coconut, but is such an easy dessert, is there anything I could substitute? What did i do wrong, anybody know? The paper has tablespoon lines drawn on it. Hope that helps! Love this idea, but wondering if coconut milk would work as a non dairy option? I also made this exactly as it said and it did not turn out as it said. I have made a different impossible pie but have never seen a recipe for a lemon one. So that must be impossible right?

  • Lemon Impossible Pie! Incredibly easy to make and the flavor is amazing
  • Impossible Coconut Pie *Video Recipe*
  • Impossible Pie Recipe Cakescottage
  • Impossible Pie. A very easy recipe, makes its own crust and tastes like a coconut cream pie!

  • "This pie makes it's own crust, and tastes like a coconut custard pie! Place milk, coconut, eggs, vanilla, flour, margarine, and sugar in blender. Pour into a greased and floured 10 inch pie plate. "The pie makes its own crust. Just mix in a blender, bake and serve warm. Combine milk, sugar, biscuit mix, eggs, butter or margarine, and vanilla in blender container.

    Lemon Impossible Pie! Incredibly easy to make and the flavor is amazing

    Impossible coconut pie or magic cake, whatever you wish to call it, said that this magic cake is similar to an old recipe called impossible pie.
    I made this yesterday and it tasted wonderful, but never separated into layers like it was supposed to.

    Too much coconut maybe this recipe has twice the amount of coconut as some other recipes. When I take this pie anywhere, i put it in a cooler with frozen watet or freezer containers to make sure it stays cold. Could you substitute anything for the flour to make a gluten free version? Although once I used unsweetened and it tasted the same. I use desiccated coconut for this recipe so you know!

    Metric is the only way to bake with precision!

    images coconut impossible pie recipes
    Coconut impossible pie recipes
    Just jiggle the pies and the center should jiggle something like jello. Has anyone tried making this with coconut milk instead of regular dairy milk?

    This method just stops the pie from sticking to the plate after baking because it forms a crust. I am 88 and know better!!!

    images coconut impossible pie recipes

    I made it using half a lemon as you know for just the gentle taste but of course some like sharper and some not! Half the amount of butter. Will give it one more try.

    Enjoy a scrumptious coconut pie that's impossibly easy to make because I made this many years ago when Bisquick started the "Impossible" series of recipes.

    Impossible Coconut Pie has a soft bottom crust, a custard-like filling, and a deliciously crispy coconut topping. With Demo Video. Impossible Pie.

    Impossible Coconut Pie *Video Recipe*

    A very easy recipe, makes its own crust and tastes like a coconut cream pie! Uses regular ingredients and great for a dessert or to take to a party.
    There is a small chance that sweetened might be slightly too sweet in a recipe that specifically calls for unsweetened, the amount of sugar that is in sweetened coconut is unlikely to have a major impact on the overall sweetness of a recipe. It seemed as if the recipe was more coconut custard than lemon impossible, although I dearly love both.

    The pies will firm up when refrigerated.

    Video: Coconut impossible pie recipes Impossible Coconut Pie Recipe Demonstration -

    Wishing you a lovely weekend and a Merry Christmas! Let the pie sit for at least 5 minutes before baking.

    images coconut impossible pie recipes
    It was all puffy when it came out of the oven, but settled down once it cooled.

    Adjust sweetness for more tart fruit. This is a very quick dessert to make and their is minimal cleanup. Just wondering if it would add a noticeable coconut flavor. I make orange meringue pie. Easy Peanut Butter Pie.

    Oh my!

    Impossible Pie Recipe Cakescottage

    Lemon Impossible Pie is what we have today for you to enjoy! It's an incredibly easy recipe and the combination of lemon and coconut is a pure delight!. When the impossible pie is ready, it will have a slight wobble to the surface. You'll notice it has formed a slightly rough coconut textured crust on.

    Coconut impossible pie. Straddling the two worlds of cake and pie, this warm and gooey dessert is best served with fruits and cream.

    images coconut impossible pie recipes

    Apr 22, am.
    Pour batter over broccoli, cauliflower, parboiled carrot coins etc. This looks incredible!

    Impossible Pie. A very easy recipe, makes its own crust and tastes like a coconut cream pie!

    I have let mine set for clise to 10 minutes before baking. Was the same consistency throughout. This literally just happened to me.

    images coconut impossible pie recipes
    Actually the recipe is older than the 70s according to other web sites.

    Leave this field empty. I, too, have been making this pie for years. Hi Enid, yes, it needs to be cooked longer at a higher temperature to form a bottom crust and also firm up more.

    Made based on previous reviews — not worth the very little effort it took.

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